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Cake Flavor Combinations

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Pairing the right cake flavors with the right filling and frosting can be critical to the success of recipes. These Cake Flavor Combinations are a great guide to have on hand when you are wondering what to bake or what is the best flavor combination for a particular cake.

A Collage of cakes for flavor ideas.
How to combine Cake Flavors with Fillings and Frostings.

Have you ever wondered about the endless possibilities of cake flavor combinations or cake taste ideas?

  • Which flavors go well together?
  • Also, what cake flavor goes with buttercream frosting?
  • What flavor and filling go well with lemon cake?
  • Or even what flavor goes with a red velvet cake? And what filling should I use for red velvet cake?
  • What goes with a chocolate cake? Which filling should I use in my chocolate cake?
  • Which are the best cake combinations? What is the best cake filling combinations?
  • Vanilla cake flavor combinations
  • Best flavor and filling combinations
  • And what are the best cake flavor combination for decorated cakes?

When I started my little cake business one of my challenges was to figure out what cake flavor combinations would go well together. I’d have all these questions in my head and spent hours trying small batches of recipes and seeing whether I really liked them or not. I’ve given away a lot of free cakes just to get feedback and inputs from family and friends.

Can you use the same cake combinations for business?

In truth, what may be a family favorite does not necessarily work in the business given the time needed to decorate, travel, etc. For example:

I love cakes and I love baking new flavors as much as eating them. Over the years I’ve lost count of the many experiments I’ve done with flavor ideas. I must admit that some have not made it to my books as keepers. And yet, I still enjoyed the process.

When I started cake decorating professionally, I started putting together a list of popular flavors and combinations and my list keeps getting longer and longer.

Collage of cut cakees showing different falvors.
How to combine Cake Flavors with Fillings and Frostings.

1. Creative cake flavors and filling combinations

So what are some creative cake flavors to try? Here’s a small part of that list, I think you will love it very much.

2. Flavors that go with coconut cakes

3. Flavors that go with banana cakes

4. Flavors that go well with lemon or strawberry cakes

5. Flavors that go with chocolate cake

see all chocolate cakes here

6. Matcha flavor combinations

7. Cake flavor ideas for fall

8. Cake flavor ideas for summer

How many different types of buttercream frosting are there?

The number of frosting recipes can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing. In general, we can categorize these as

see all buttercream frosting recipes here

How to create simple cake fillings from basic recipes

Well, not all are straightforward but often creating these can be as simple as tweaking your basic vanilla buttercream recipe just a little. For example:

  • Almond buttercream is just your vanilla buttercream with almond flavoring
  • Mint buttercream – just a mint flavoring to vanilla buttercream
  • Lemon buttercream – replace the liquid in the recipe with some lemon juice when making vanilla buttercream
  • Nutella buttercream is just Nutella added to your vanilla buttercream too

Check out my post where I share how to make different buttercream flavors with one basic buttercream recipe.  As well as, my post; One Vanilla cake with many different flavors and One Chocolate cake with many different flavors.

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A collage of cakes decorated with different buttercream flavors.
How to combine Cake Flavors, Fillings and Frostings. Cake Flavor Combinations.

Here are some cakes I think you may want to bookmark for the future

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  1. I will make a simple moist chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling and chocolate buttercream frosting.

  2. Aimee Lipke says:

    I have chosen to make a chocolate cake with either white chocolate ganache with oreo crumbs for the filling or buttercream filling with the oreo crumb crust sprinkled in each layer.

    week 2 day 1 done

  3. I’m going to make a chocolate cake with banana filling and peanut butter buttercream

  4. Christine Ugarenko says:

    I plan to make a Caramel Apple Cake Recipe with Caramel Buttercream

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