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Ganache Chocolate Tart 

Veena Azmanov

Let’s get started!

A chocolate tart with ganache filling is probably one of the simplest and easiest chocolate desserts you can put together. Choose between a baked shortcrust pastry or no-bake cookie crust to set this rich, creamy chocolate ganache filling to make the best chocolate ganache tart ever

The secret to making a good chocolate tart is the chocolate mixture


– All the ingredients are simple and easy to find or pantry staples.

Crush the cookies...  Add the melted butter Combine.. Press into the tart pan


Prepare the chocolate ganache


Pour the ganache into the chilled crust and let it set. 


You can also use a shortcrust pastry to make this a baked chocolate ganache tart.  


Chill for 3 hours,  preferably overnight


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Veena Azmanov