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Cornbread Recipe with Buttermilk

Veena Azmanov

This buttery and moist cornbread recipe is light and fluffy with crisp edges and a golden crumb. Made with buttermilk in a cast-iron skillet this gets ready in less than 30 Mins. The house is filled with the wonderful aroma of cornbread which makes this the perfect dish to entertain

Let’s get started!

I like making cornbread when I have guests over. The smell of butter cooking on the cast-iron skillet accompanied by the smell of cornbread is absolute heaven. It makes you and your guests hungry and gives a wonderful homey feeling. That smell of butter lingers in the house for a long time.

– Most of the ingredients are cornmeal and pantry staples. So you can make this any time at all.

Heat the greased skillet in the oven


Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl 


Combine the wet ingredients in another bowl. 


Combine the wet to dry ingredients


Pour into the hot skillet and bake


Baked until lightly golden


Can you see how moist, light, and airy this bread is?

Veena Azmanov