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Halloween Eyeball Cookies

Veena Azmanov

These eyeball Halloween cookies are the easiest treats you can create as a fun project with the kids this Halloween season. The shortbread cookie dough is simple, easy, very similar to play dough with no chilling time required in between. This means you can make the dough, bake and enjoy the cookies in just 20 minutes.

Let’s get started!

– They make perfect kids projects for Halloween. The base is my popular white shortbread cookie which is as simple as playdough. So easy to work with and so forgiving.



All ingredients are simple and easy to find. 

The dough


The cookies dough takes just about 5 to 7 minutes to prep.. and needs no special equipment... just a bowl and whisk!

Cocoa paste


The eyes are made by simply adding a little cocoa powder to the white shortbread cookie dough



Shortbread cookies take just 10 mins to bake!!



Let the kids have fun and paint the veins on the cookies!! Afterall it's Halloween - right? 

These take less than 30 minutes to make and are super simple and fun to make!

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Veena Azmanov