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Baby Booties Baby Shoes Cake Toppers

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There is nothing cuter than a little Baby Booties Baby shoes cake toppers on a  baby shower cake. In this video, I show you how to make these cute and adorable baby booties and baby shoe without any cutter, templates or special equipment. It so simple and easy that whether you are a beginner making it for your own daughter or an advanced cake decorator making it for your customer it will be a fun experience.

Baby booties made from sugar paste.
Baby Booties Baby shoe cake toppers with No Cutters or Templates

Simplicity in cake decorating

One of the big decisions for cake decorator when accepting orders is to make sure you have enough time to make the cake toppers in advance. Right? When I first started off I did quite few baby shower cakes with baby booties and baby shoes. (Sorry those pictures were so old that I can’t share them anymore)

One of the issues I had was making sure I planned to make the shoes in advance. The bigger problem was to make sure I have the cutters and templates. I would go hunting for them but when I found them it would be tough not knowing how much to expand them on the printer.  Ah well, back then I was so not computer savvy – but that changed soon.

Recently I made this cake – remember? The Pink Tree Trunk cake with baby booties baby shoe cake toppers? I have a video on YouTube as well as here on this blog on how I made this cake from start to finish. I also promised to share the video on how to make these baby booties baby shoe cake toppers. Finally, I have edited the video and it’s time to share with you.

A pink cake for a baby shower.
How to make Baby Booties or Baby Shoe without any cutters or molds

About the video

The baby booties baby shoes cake topper video is not really new. I did make a video about 4 years ago. It was quite popular too. But I’ve been very embarrassed that the quality of the video was sad. Old camera, very new me..! you know…

So I decided to make a better video. My videos are still the basic – simple and plain just shoot the way I make it. But now I’m making sure that my work board is in focus. Trust me as simple as sounds; sometimes you are so busy with your work; you tend to forget that the camera is on!

Earlier the videos were separated into Baby Booties and the second video for baby shoes. Now in this one, I just combined the two. So yeah, it’s a bit long but hopefully, you will still appreciate it.

These are the gum paste baby booties

I would usually use these on baby shower cakes, as well as baby cakes from baptism to first or even second birthday. I think they look really cute on a baptism cake.

Baby booties made from sugar paste.

And these are the gum paste baby shoes

These are very common on baby shower cakes and of course baby birthday cakes from 2nd right up to 4 or 5 years old. They look very pretty in white too!

Baby booties made from sugar paste.

Some useful tips 

As you can see in the video it’s fairly simple and easy cake toppers.  If you are a beginner – just work along with me in the video pausing as you go and working with me. Don’t be afraid to start over. Practice only makes things easier better and on its way to perfect. Tools and equipment

  1. Paste – I have used Fondant with CMC or Tylose added. You can also use half gum paste and half fondant. You do not necessarily need the shoe to dry firm but you do need the booties/shoes to hold their shape. That is why just plain fondant does not work well.
  2. Quantity – I found the happy medium was 28 grams but you can make them bigger or smaller.
  3. Tools – If you have been on my blog by now; you know that I am not one to be defendant on tools and yet I won’t’ deny that the right tool for the right job can be a real blessing especially when you achieve professional

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Baby booties made from sugar paste.
How to make Instant Baby Booties Baby shoes cake toppers with no cutter and not templates

I think you are going to love making these and have fun with them too.

Baby booties made from sugar paste.
How to make Baby Booties Baby Shoes Cake Toppers with no cutter or templates

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  1. These are so cute and simple to make. I love how detailed your tutorial is. Thank you for a great tutorial

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