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Biscoff Doughnuts

Veena Azmanov

If you haven’t had the sweet Biscoff cookies slathered inside a doughnut, have you ever really eaten a doughnut? We’ve got you covered with this easy recipe. With some store-bought ingredients and a few easy steps, you can become a pro at making your own louts biscoff doughnuts at home

Let’s get started!

A smooth Biscoff doughnut is like eating a cookie-doughnut hybrid. And if you’re craving some homemade Biscoff treats, here’s the perfect treat for you. Try these homemade doughnuts and you'll be surprised how easy they are to make

And all the ingredients are simple and easy to find or pantry staples

The doughnut dough takes only 10 minutes to make


Let the dough rise then divide into 12 portions


Shape into balls, proof until double then deep fry until golden


Fill with cream cheese biscoff spread, glaze with melted biscoff then top with crushed biscuits