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Yule Log Cake

Veena Azmanov

There is no better way to celebrate Christmas than with a cake shaped like a yule log and decorated like a Christmas tree! Here is my recipe and tips to bake an eggnog yule log cake using a homemade Swiss roll

Let’s get started!

Making a log cake sounds very daunting but in truth, it is very simple and easy. This eggnog-flavored yule log cake is a wonderful twist on that classic.

– Most of the ingredients are simple pantry staples or easy to find such as eggnog

Whip the egg whites


In the bowl of a stand mixer with a whisk attachment on medium speed, start whipping the egg whites with cream of tartar and the remaining salt.

Cake batter


Whip the egg yolks, with remaining sugar, melted butter, flour and then fold in the whipped egg whites.

Bake and cool 


Pour the batter into a sheet pan. Bake it.  Invert the cake and roll in a clean kitchen cloth. 

Fill the cake


Once cooled carve the Swiss roll into a log shape.

Chocolate bark


Melt chocolate spread it over parchment paper then cool and open to let it crack naturally

Decorate the log


Place the bark on the cake then dust with cocoa powder and finally a light dusting of powdered sugar.

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