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Caramel Dutch Apple Pie

Veena Azmanov

When it comes to fall desserts, you can’t go wrong with a caramel Dutch Apple Pie! It’s one of the simplest pies to make and has a delicious apple filling topped with a crunchy crumb topping and of course the best ever caramel sauce..

Let’s get started!

Just the name of this pie makes your mouth water-the Dutch apple pie. It has nothing Dutch about it except the name, but it is the easiest pie to make.

most of the ingredients are easy to find or simple pantry staples

I used homemade caramel sauce but you can use store-bought just as well 


To ensure a good lift and a beautiful outer crust, you’ll want to start with fresh yeast and baking powder/soda

I made homemade pie crust but you can also use store-bought pie crust


The crumble top takes just 5 minutes to make


Make the homemade Apple filling 


Assemble the pie with apple mixture and caramel sauce 


Bake the pie until light golden


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Veena Azmanov