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Pecan Tart Recipe

Veena Azmanov

Some Thanksgiving pies are finicky and time-consuming to make, but pecan pie is not one of them. Find out how to make the easiest pie with this simple recipe. Made with homemade all-butter pie crust the most delicious pean pie filling ever

Let’s get started!

For me, there have to be pecans and apples for Thanksgiving. Wouldn't you agree?

Easy to find ingredients

Most of the ingredients are easy to find or pantry staples. In fact, most of them have easy substitutions

Pie Crust


The crust - today we use a homemade pie crust but you can use store-bought just as well.

The Filling


The filling - unlike the classic pecan pie this tart has fresh cream in the filling which gives this tart a lovely creamy texture



Bake for 20 minutes in the middle rack then tent with aluminum foil and bake another 20 to 25 minutes until almost set.

– The recipe is simple and easy and best of all a make-ahead tart that is great for festive days like Thanksgiving and Christmas. This means you can get dessert out a day ahead and leave enough time for dinner preparationsns.

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Veena Azmanov