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Realistic Fondant Strawberries Tutorial

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Making fondant fruits can be a fun project. This simple and easy tutorial on making realistic looking fondant strawberries for food cakes will take your food inspired cakes to the next level. In fact, no one will guess if the fondant strawberry on your cake is real or not. For example, see the pancake cake below that is accompanied by realistic fondant blueberries.

A close up of a cake decorated like a stack of pancakes.
Realistic Fondant Strawberries

Recently, I made this pancake cake and no one, yes, no one believed that the strawberries and blueberries on the cake were from fondant. It was so cool. In fact, Aadi offered to eat one so he could prove to them that they were fondant.

Then, I made a few extra so I could take pictures of just the fondant berries for this tutorial. However, none remained. Because the kids were so fascinated with the idea that these were fondant berries and looked so real.

You can see this Pancake Cake Tutorial as well as how I made the realistic Fondant Blueberries here after you have seen this video for fondant strawberries.

A close up of a cake decorated like a stack of pancakes.
How to make a Pancake Cake

Video tutorial (pin)

The video is fairly simple and short.

Share a picture of your work with me by uploading an image here below my image on this board. You can also find a collection of my tutorials and recipes here on Pinterest.

A close up of a cake decorated like a stack of pancakes.
Realistic Fondant Strawberries

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