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Frozen Theme Cake

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I recently made this Frozen theme cake for a little girl. A very simple cake and easy to make.

A cake decorated in the Frozen movie theme.

The toys of course are plastic which were provided by the mother. They were given to the girl as her Birthday gift. I personally do not do any Disney Theme Characters due to copyright.
This is really a very very simple cake.. Here’s a few progress pictures and how to.

I planned the cake and size in advance.  I made these Icicles two days ahead with gum paste so they would have enough time to dry hard. These are just Blue and White fondant pieces cut into long thin triangles. Some I overlapped to create an effect. I also used cocktail sticks at the bottom so I could support them.

Make extra as they break very easily.
Look closely they are all different. Once dried, I coated some with White Sanding sugar. To do this I just brushed the dried panels with some edible glue and poured sanding sugar over it. Remove excess and let them dry.

sugar icicles for Frozen theme cake.

For the Frozen theme cake –

First, I baked two layers of my chocolate fudge cake.

two round chocolate cakes.

Then, I layered them with buttercream and frosted them with ganache.

I make my cake smooth as I could. Then, brushed it with some veg shortening so the fondant would adhere to it.

Next, I rolled a long piece of marbled white and blue fondant.

You could use just blue.. I gave mine a slight marbling. I rolled it onto my rolling pin like so..

fondant on a rolling pin.

Then unrolled it around my cake..

fondant on a rolling pin

I made a clean cut at the back where the two ends meet. Run your hand nicely over the seem to make it as clean as possible.  This is called the panel method best used when you can hide the seam with a decoration. Like in this cake it will be hidden with the icicles.

Cut off any excess fondant on the top.

covering a cake with a blue fondant.

Next roll some white, and cut it our like a big splat. And Cover the top of the cake.
Sorry not sure why but both these pictures did not come our right.

Frozen Theme Cake

Next I covered the board with white embossed fondant.  And started adding my decorations.

Frozen Theme Cake

The White trees are Christmas tree I showed you in my Christmas cake tutorial. Just make them in white instead.

Decorating a Christmas Cake1

The Icicles are all supported with Royal Icing towards the cake and the cocktail stick below on the board.

Frozen Theme Cake - top view

I though Elsa need a little more height so I took a small Styrofoam half ball and covered it in fondant. Then dusted it with Sanding Sugar and glued it to the cake with Royal Icing

.Progress photos of making a cake decorated in the Frozen movie theme.

Of course what is a snow theme cake without some snowflakes enh? So I used my Fondant and Gum paste with my  snowflakes cutters.

A cake decorated in the Frozen movie theme.

I think that about sums up all I did for this cake. I hope this will give you some ideas for your next Frozen theme cake.

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  1. This cake instantly made me wanna sing "Let it go…let it goooo"
    Thanks for sharing the step by step approach, I truly appreciate the steps.
    PS you should participate in this cake design contest called #BAKEOFF. Register for it

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    Thank you for accepting me, I look forward to receiving some great recipes n cake decorating tips. I love to get you white wedding cake recipe thanks. Glenda Edmonds

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