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What Should I blog? About? Blog Content

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Blogging can be such a fun experience if you choose the right blog topic to blog about. It’s a good platform to speak your mind, share your knowledge with the right audience, and also get feedback from them. You can attract like-minded people and suddenly you have a group of people that follow you and share your views.

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Are you thinking of starting a blog? Great idea! What are you going to blog about?
The most important requirement to starting a blog is “content”. And, if you have good content – everything else follows.

A Little story for you

I have a friend who is a professional graphic designer. She also loves food. Two years ago she started a food blog. Why? because food blogs are more popular! Food blogs have more monetizing options!

About a year ago she was struggling to write new posts and had no motivation to write about food especially because she worked so hard all day at her graphic design job. She’d work on her designs until late at night. Of course, the blog was going nowhere.

About a year ago when I spoke to her I encouraged her into starting a blog that talks about her graphic design. She can share a few tutorials and thoughts on graphic design. Guess what? No matter how tired she was she looked forward to blogging in the evenings. She carries her camera with her to work and takes pictures of her work so she can share them on her blog.

Moral of the story? – Because she now writes about her passion – writing on her blog motivates her. She now has a few visitors that regularly visit her blog. She looks forward to her new blog as well as their feedback.

Be true to yourself – Find that passion

Start a blog with something you are passionate about. A lot of us like cooking but not all of us are really passionate about it. Are we?

You may be passionate about sewing or DIY projects or even Kids’ homemade toys.  My point is that you should find a topic you feel very strongly about. That will motivate you to come to write your blog.

Trust me when I say this – if you start a blog about something you love, it will be FUN!!
You won’t need to think about what your next post is going to be. Things just flow from within you.

Personally, I love writing and if I had more time I’d write more often. I always have about three to five posts with the recipe and pictures all taken and waiting for me to get blogging. My mind usually has ideas about what I want to share next or in the future. Why because I love what I do as a professional cake decorator as well as as a food enthusiast. That is why my blog is all about cake and food.

So you see finding the right content works both ways. It will get you motivated towards blogging and it will help you attract like-minded people to your blog. You will find that people who love doing what you do; will come to follow you.

Content and Monetizing

Blogging has become a business more than just a hobby today. Finding blogging content can be easy if you are in the right niche or can be a heartache to deal with. So if you plan to monetize – all the more important it is that you find something that motivates you to do it.

Nowadays many are looking at blogs with the intent of monetizing. Personally, I think – the money should be the benefit you get from your blog, not the reason for you to blog. And no you don’t have to agree with me either.

It’s not wrong to have a blog so you can monetize it but good content should be the purpose and reason. You should start the blog because you want to share your passion, your talent, and your knowledge, and guess what eventually the money will come.  I will share with you my own tips and information on monetizing your blog in a later post.

Blog because you want to share your passion, your talent, and your knowledge.


If you have great content and would like to start your own blog, I have a step by step instructions on How to start a blog – Beginners Guide. It’s packed with all the information I personally use and recommend for my blog.  I hope you will find it useful.

And if you want to monetize your blog? I have a post that shares with you all the different ways in which you can monetize your blog. It’s not difficult but these things do take time and effort. So while the word passive is often used with this it’s not that you doing nothing.

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