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Buttercream Ruffles Cakes

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A buttercream ruffles cakes is perfect quick cake for any celebration. I’ve used my Swiss Meringue Buttercream to pipe these ruffles. See how I do it in this video below.

A pink buttercream ruffles cake with a sugar flower on top.
How to Pipe Buttercream Ruffles

Look at this gorgeous Buttercream Ruffles Cakes. Don’t you just wanna go right into the screen and pick a slice. This is Swiss meringue buttercream!! Have I told you how over the top in love I am with Swill meringue buttercream. Just love it!! I mean after Classic French buttercream. Yep, that’s still my winner.

Pink Buttercream Ruffles Cake.

I mean I like Italian meringue buttercream too – but Swiss is a lot more easier to make; right? No candy thermometer!! I tend to make a lot of Swiss meringue instead of any other buttercream.

Pink flower on a Buttercream Ruffles Cake.

Piping with Swiss meringue vs. piping with American buttercream

Now if you do piping work often then you know the difference between piping Swiss Meringue and piping American Buttercream. Look at these two cakes. Both are ruffles but by the look of the ruffles you can see that one is more firm with precise ruffles while the other is  on the softer more velvety type.  If you know me; you know  that taste is a lot more important to me about my cakes. I’d rather make a few design sacrifices but my priority is taste.

Pink Buttercream Ruffles on a  Cake.
Pink Buttercream Ruffles Cake.

This was a Princess Buttercream Ruffles Cake I made about two years ago.

 Pink Princess cake with ruffles.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that American buttercream is not tasty; especially my recipe. Those of you that have tired it will know I love that recipe and use it the most!  Those of you that have yet to try. Your in for a treat. Check it out.

Cake flavor – carrot cake

Look at that? Yep, it was my Carrot Cake filled with apricot Swiss meringue buttercream. Absolute heaven.

A sliced carrot cake.

Carrot cake is one of my popular recipes downloaded from my online shop. It’s been a family favorite for us but now I’m so thrilled when I hear people tell me how much they love it too. You can buy my carrot cake recipe as a Calculated recipe collection in my online shop.

You can find my Moist Carrot Cake recipe here in my online shop as well as in my free cake recipe section.

Carrot Cake sliced.

Video – Buttercream ruffles

Coming back to my ruffles. Here’s a little video I created for my Instagram followers. It’s not a great video – taken by my son so a bit shaky but just thought I’d share here too so you can see how soft the SMBC really is.

A pink buttercream ruffles cake with a sugar flower on top.

Last but not the least I have already shown you how I made my Gumpaste Roses. This one is made exactly the same just in pink!!

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